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Elegant Bridal Hairstyling Auchen Castle Wedding

I enjoy using my skills to change your look. I have years of experience as a professional and, specifically, many years of practice offering this service. I will look after you to make sure you feel and look great when you leave.

Top Tips to know prior to your Trial

  • Have photos saved in your phone of hairstyles and makeup you love!   


  • Be true to yourself and look at hair types and hair colour the same as yours!   


  • ️Hair accessories if you have them bring them along!   


  • ️ Wear a white or Cream blouse top similar neckline to your dress. Try avoid high neck polo necks, scarfs etc they are going to rub the back of your neck and ruin hairstyle.   


  • ️Wear makeup to how you would on your Wedding day! If it's not myself doing your makeup.   


  • Please note Pinterest is good however majority is edited and filtered.   

Relax, have fun! Together we will create the perfect style for you! 

Trials will take place in my salon The Little Boheme in Airdrie, North Lanarkshire. Trials are held January - March on a Monday - Thursday. You can go on and book your date on my booking website for a time and date that suits you. 

I spend alot of time with my brides during trials. I like to get to know my brides likes and dislikes of styles and looks. Why you have saved certain photos.

I also like to see a sneak peak of style of dress, your colour scheme, your theme. Together we will create the perfect hair and makeup style for you. 

Trials can take up to 2 hours usually 1 trial is enough. I recommend just the bride gets a trial not everyone in bridal party unless you were worrying about someone in your bridal parties hair, due to style or difficult hair for styling. Or makeup if they aren't used to wearing makeup and lashes.


To Book your Trial Please click the link below, this will take you to my salon page.

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