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Auchen Castle

Auchen Castle the place that stole my heart! Absolutely love this venue it really is something Special. A beautiful castle in Moffat. It has four incredible suites that you can choose from for a Honeymoon Suite!! Wow! I love them all. The venue as a whole is truly fairytale and fit for a princess or Queen for the day.

The castle its-self is on beautiful large grounds with amazing photo opportunities inside and out..

This styled shoot was also organised by Vicki from Willow and Wilde and when she contacted me it was a definite yes! At the styled shoots Its such a fun and lovely atmosphere for all suppliers involved especially in these hard times this year for the wedding industry. All of the suppliers who were involved in this day really are very talented and helped to create these amazing photos below.

So what do I do at these shoots apart from styling the models hair? I always ask for some photos of my models hair prior to the styled shoots. This gives me the chance to see the texture of their hair, the length of their hair and also what I think the model would suit as their hairstyle.

When I first arrived at Auchen Castle, the first and most exciting thing I do go and see the beautiful dresses, the theme and of course the amazing hair accessories supplied by Anne Pricillsa Bridal store. This then gives me the perfect image in my head of what style I can create on my lovely model and which I feel is very fitting.

Together everyone comes together to create these fabulous styled shoots and I do believe the photography speaks for its self and shows everyone's work Beautifully.

Lucy from To A Mountain Daisy's floral work and her bouquets that she creates are the most vibrant, tasteful and beautiful creations ever!! She really has the eye for detail and spends a lot of time in her work and I absolutely love it all.

I hope you've enjoyed reading my small blogs and thank you for making it this far!

#dreamteam suppliers listed below.

My next little blog will be featured on the truly wonderful and unique venue

Folkerton Mill!

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